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S UR mean divine beings like Indra Deva, Varun Deva, Agni Deva , and millions of Gods mentioned in Indian religious texts and  A SUR mean devilish beings like Shumb, Nishumb, Mahishasur, Hiranyakashipu and many more Daityas mentioned in Vedic texts. In scientific terms, another meaning of Sanskrit word SUR is Rhythm (tone) , and ASUR means Noise . Therefore we can say that anything which has a rhythm or a pattern is divine and whatever is chaotic or noisy is devilish. If we take a look around we will see many things around us which move in a rhythm/ pattern and hence are governed by divine forces. We see rhythm in- Our heart beats Our Breathing Rotation of earth Moon Phases Day and Night Life and Death Sleep cycles  Ans so on ... Where ever we see rhythm, there exists divinity. And what is ASUR ? Where do we see them ? Anything which is noisy in nature which does not have a natural pattern, which is sudden and unpredictable is ASURI , like- Floods, Earthquake, Forest fire, Pan