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FASTEN your seat belts and let me take you through a tour of how the education is going look few years from now. Imagine, if a child has to learn how photosynthesis happen; why ask him to read a book! Why can’t we teleport him virtually inside a leaf where he himself can see how the leaves are converting the light energy into chemical energy. Imagine, a chemistry student not needing to go to a lab. He can do all his experiments and tests in a virtual chemical lab without even moving out. Imagine, if instead of studying geography in books; a student can actually travel a water fall, Gorge, volcano, a desert or even Antarctica and have a real life experience of the world. Imagine a kid actually visiting a jungle and interacting with all the wild animals as if he is actually in a jungle. Imagine how would it be, that instead of reading in a book the functioning of the heart, the picture of heart comes to life, starts beating and explains it’s functioning itself. Imagine a kid


CONGRATS!!!! Today is Women Equality day. BUT can someone tell me, what the women want to be equal to! I think one wants to be equal to someone whom one looks up to. Isn’t it. On this day women got the right to vote in U.S. But I think only because men were already voting. I doubt had men not been voting, women would never have asked for voting rights. What men already occupy, women also want to occupy the same space.  Following someone’s tail is not equality. A woman getting the right to pray in Sabarimala is not equality, that's legal encroachment. Women creating their own version of Sabarimala , establishing a female deity, female priest and menstruating women allowed policy, is the real equality I think.   The whole women equality movement is centered on only men. Man is the fulcrum of this whole structure.   Mathematically put.. W=f(M) Man moves right women want to move right, man takes a left women also will follow left. And we become happy thinki