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W hen we do online shopping.. We select our preferences, the website or mobile app shows us the products matching our choice. It always shows the products which are in its inventory, which already exist.  Otherwise it shows OUT OF STOCK . Logical , isn't it !! We get showed what's available. But why don't we use the same logic and question the banks. Whenever anyone applies for a loan, how many times the banks have said - " Sorry, today we are out of stock " If we have all the available documents and bank is satisfied, the bank will give us a loan.  Has any bank ever denied a loan to anyone saying that we are out of stock !! Never.. Logically, the amount of loan a bank can lend should always be equal to the money deposited in the bank.  But it's not true . Imagine, I go to a bank and apply for a loan of say, Rs. 1 lakh and after reviewing my documents the bank agrees to grant me a loan. Suppose suddenly one of its depositors withdraws Rs. 5 lakhs from the b

Why Devi Lakshmi Rides An Ullu (OWL)

THE group of owls is known as Parliament ... Seriously, it's not funny.  Owls have to be wise creatures to be given this stature even though  some politicians may not appear to be that wise. But lets leave that for the moment........................................................ Before we discuss and find the reason for Devi Lakshmi choosing Owl as a mount let's find out what actually Devi Lakshmi stands for , this will help us understand owl much better. The general conception is Devi Lakshmi means wealth, fortune and prosperity.  Lot of money, assets is what Devi Lakshmi provides us. That's not completely true! Why I say so? OK tell me, if Lakshmi is the provider of wealth, fortune or prosperity then - -- Do the business men who become millionaires by doing financial frauds also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ?? -- Do the land mafias who grab huge land assets also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ?? -- Do the politicians involved in financial corruption also blessed by Devi Laksh

Pitris and 7 Unanswered Questions

PITRU PAKSHA This  year, it started on 1st September 2020 and will end on 17th September 2020. During this 16 day lunar period we should pay homage to our Ancestors ( Pitris ), especially through food offering. But why?? ---What is the essence of offering food to our Pitris ?? ---Who are our Pitri ?? ---Where do they reside ?? ---Why do we feed Raven (black crow) in order to offer food to our Pitri ?? ---Why we should not buy anything new during this Pitri paksh period ?? ---Why should our Pitri become angry if we don't offer them homage ?? ---And why during these 16 days only, whats special ?? HERE in this post, I would like to share the esoteric meaning of this whole ritual, the logic behind this exercise and its importance. First let me share a short story-- There is a boat which can carry two people at a time Once the two people board the boat they are ferried to other end, where they alight. The boat becomes free to carry two new people and this way people move fro