Why Devi Lakshmi Rides An Ullu (OWL)

THE group of owls is known as Parliament...

Seriously, it's not funny. 

Owls have to be wise creatures to be given this stature even though  some politicians may not appear to be that wise.

But lets leave that for the moment........................................................

Before we discuss and find the reason for Devi Lakshmi choosing Owl as a mount let's find out what actually Devi Lakshmi stands for, this will help us understand owl much better.

The general conception is Devi Lakshmi means wealth, fortune and prosperity. 

Lot of money, assets is what Devi Lakshmi provides us.

That's not completely true! Why I say so?

OK tell me, if Lakshmi is the provider of wealth, fortune or prosperity then -

-- Do the business men who become millionaires by doing financial frauds also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Do the land mafias who grab huge land assets also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Do the politicians involved in financial corruption also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Are those who earn fortunes by gambling  also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Are those who exploit poor and amass huge wealth also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Are those who destroy nature to expand their empires also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Are those who hoard food grains to prosper by black marketing also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Are those who employ child labor to increase their profit margins also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

-- Are those who donate millions of unaccounted money also blessed by Devi Lakshmi ??

Was Ravana who lived in Sone ki lanka (gold castle) also blessed by Lakshmi even though he abducted Lakshmi (Sita) ?

Who lead a more prosperous life-  the Lord Rama, consort of Devi Lakshmi, or the demon Ravana ?

Why Devi Sita spent most of her life after marriage in penury and hardship even though she herself was Lakshmi ?

All the good guys of this world should be rich, prosperous, fortunate but its not the case every time, in today's time the opposite could more likely be true.

Why this paradox ?

Or its just that we don't understand the meaning of Lakshmi !

Devi Lakshmi is not a guarantee to be prosperous, wealthy or fortunate. 

Then what does she actually stand for ?

I may disappoint many but let me share here that the one we assume to be Lakshmi is actually KALI.

No not Devi Kali but the DEMON KALI

The same Kali, who is the ruler of KALIYUGA.

Kali was born during the Samundra Manthana from the poison HALAHALA.

He is the ruler of Kaliyuga and nemesis of Vishnu's KALAKI Avatar

Kali is the husband of lakshmi's elder sister named ALAKSHMI also known as JYESTHA DEVI.

She also was born in Samundra mantha just before the birth of Devi Lakshmi

No one can please Devi Lakshmi before getting out of the grip of Kali and surviving the wrath of Alakshmi.

All those we believe are blessed by Lakshmi may actually be blessed by Demon Kali.

Simply because if one has not lived with Alakshami he can never meet Devi Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi comes to those only who have survived the Agnipareeksha of Alakshmi.

NOW lets try to understand this in our daily lives how these energies affect us.

KALI (demon) gives us greed, un-satisfaction, jealousy, violence.

ALAKSHMI gives us misery, poverty and hardship.

LAKSHMI gives us Bliss, happiness and tranquility.

Now tell me how many of us are not greedy, not un-satisfied, not jealous and not violent.

-- Does our happiness not come from winning over someone else ?

-- Don't we want more when we get some ?

-- Don't we push people to be the first one to grab ?

If I say, whenever we pray to Devi Lakshmi with an intention to fulfill our greed we are actually praying Kali (demon), would I be wrong.

And Kali (demon) may bless us also but what ever he gives us does not give us happiness, it just gives us more un-satisfaction because happiness is the virtue of only Devi Lakshmi.

What Devi Lakshmi gives us is true happiness which is not dependent on others, which sprouts from within.  

We may not even have a penny but be more satisfied and blissed than a billionaire.

Or we may have billions but still be unbothered about it.

This is what Devi Lakshmi gives us. Rest all we have only belongs to Kali (demon)

When we start becoming disillusioned with Kali (demon) and decide to search for true happiness he becomes angry.

He unleashes Alakshmi on us.

Alakshmi ensures that our lives get filled with all the possible pain, misery and hardship.

She does this so that we leave this path of truth and go back to Kali.

If we succumb, we will again suffer in this materialistic world of Kali.

Or if we manage to survive the fire of Alakshmi, she becomes pleased.

Alakshmi tests the Sadhaka (searcher) if he is worthy enough to take care of her younger sister Devi Lakshmi.

Alakshmi is like an entrance exam which one has to pass to establish his worth.

Lakshmi comes to only deserving.

Once Alakshmi gets satisfied she takes the form of OWL and carries her younger sister Devi Lakshmi into our lives.

Yes Alakshmi is the owl on whom the Devi Lakshmi is mounted.

Therefore owl is considered both as wise and inauspicious.

Wise because it gives us the wisdom to fight our inner demons and darkness

Inauspicious because it makes us encounter our all negativity and weakness which we need to over come.

BUT the question is why Alakshmi takes the form of an owl, why not some other bird or animal.

Lets try to understand with the help of an example.

Suppose, I need promotion in my office. For that I will have to ensure that I perform better than others. No one should surpass me.  I will slog day and night to fulfill my targets. The zeal to have better status and higher salary will drive my life. All my colleagues will start looking like an enemy to me. Any praise to them would start pinching me. Their insult will start pleasing me. Any bad news to them may appear good news to me. To ensure I over achieve my targets I will start manipulating my prospects. May make fake or untrue commitments to them. To beat cost competitiveness I may sell them a sub standard product.

If I get what I want I may become happy otherwise I may start hating everyone around or prepare for a more mean fight next time. 

Suppose I become happy, how long will the happiness last. The whole cycle will start again. Now I will strive to get even more irrespective of whether it's needed or not.

No matter whether I win or lose I will always be a loser.

This is what Kali makes us do. He drugs us with greed. 

The more we get the more we need.

Our happiness is just a momentary high which this drug provides us.

When this understanding dawns upon us that we are fighting a futile battle and will eventually leave everything behind, we become aware of this viscous cycle.

This realization opens our inner eyes. We begin to search for our real purpose in our life.

Our Lakshaya

The world Lakshmi comes from the word Lakshaya

This realization makes Kali Angry.

To deviate us from this path he orders Alakshmi to make us frightened by showing us our inner demons.

Alakshmi is nothing but our sub-conscious MIND which is always doubtful and  fearful.

Alakshmi makes us doubt our decision.

She makes us worried about our future.

She shows us our weaknesses.

She shows us our darkness.

Inside us there is so much negativity and darkness gifted  by Kali (demon) that it scares us and we leave it there only.

How many of us can sit alone doing nothing without getting bored or worried. We always try to run away from our self. Because the darkness within  scares us. We try to avoid ourselves.

If we get frightened by the plan of Alakshmi we will again rot in the filth of Kali (demon) but if we show the resolve to fight our inner demons Alakshmi can turn into a blessing in disguise.

Please remember we can only fight with someone whom we can see.

Alakshmi makes us see all that we are afraid to see within us.

For  her to be able to make us see into our gross darkness she needs eyes-

-- As large as owls eyes to have a binocular vision

-- As focused as owls unmoved eyes

-- As nocturnal as owls eyes which can clearly penetrate the darkness.

-- As predatory as an owl who can hunt down our Vikaras (negativity)

 That's why she choose OWL.

This OWL is our Chitta (mind), which penetrates our Chetna (sub-conscious) and makes it Jagrita (awakened) by destroying our Vikara (negativity)

Because our sub-conscious is filled with greed, jealousy, un-satisfaction they will start coming on surface.

Alakshmi basically is not trying to frighten us, she is just showing us what is inside us.

Till now we hid them under the influence of drugs which Kali gave us. But now we will have to face our negativity and weakness and overcome it.

When our inner negativity starts coming out it make our lives difficult. It now becomes difficult for us to be selfish, greedy or  jealous.

-- We may have to share our food with someone more needy and sleep half filled.

-- We may have to give our business deal to some one more needy.

-- We may have to sell at lesser profits to make someone needy have that product.

Others pains will starts becoming our pain.

Life definitely won't be easy then.

Its just like cleaning of a pipeline which got chocked due to too much of dirt which solidified with time.

To clean that dirt we may now have to enter the gutter and get dirty.

So to clean the pipe or suppress the smell by spraying room fresher is our choice. 

Alakshmi gives us both the choices.

If we choose to clean the blockage -

The OWL within us clears our CHETNA till it starts allowing light of WISDOM to enter us so that the night of darkness changes into DAWN. When the DIVINE sunlight dawns into our lives then arrives the DEVI LAKSHMI riding the owl and BLESSES us with all the happiness.

Once our subconscious is free from negativity the divine light, which is wisdom, is bestowed upon us.

In this true light, it's for the first time we see the things clearly.

For the first time we see the purpose of our lives.

The purpose which gives us happiness.

Then there is no stopping

The worlds wealth does not matter to us anymore.

We just follow our  goals, LAKSHAYA.

  • If our Lakshaya in life is to be a philanthropist and serve people, Devi Lakshmi will give us unlimited supply of money
  • If our Lakshaya in life is to be a leader and fight for down trodden, Devi Lakshmi will give us all the charisma and strength needed to lead and defend people.
  • If our Lakshaya in life is to improve the quality of lives of people, Devi Lakshmi will give us the unlimited wisdom to discover the secrets of science.
  • If our lakshaya in life is to make resources available to under privileged, Devi Lakshmi will help our trade to flourish to darkest nooks and corners.

Hoping to pray Devi Lakshmi to fulfill our greed is not going to work, we were doing it all wrong till now. 

She is not the goddess of greed.

She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, only when her owl has eaten away our greed.

Hope you liked this article. Keep following for more such information.


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